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I will try to give all information related to computer with a deep knowledge.I will try to give you the knowledge that normal person does not have at their level.Actually i just completed my engineering,so i take decison to summarize my deep knowledge into my own website and it can also reach the people who have interested in computer field.

Let’s start the topic


When the term internet came to our mind the first thing we think about data pack,but this is not internet,so i am trying to describe internet. Internet is basically when four to five computer join by any network and we can share file among them then this is called internet.This is the small example of internet .Other term also exist like internet as intranet,extranet which are used in companies. We basically use 10% internet and 90% internet are hidden because we can not access them because the normal browser have not the capability to access the content.Whole internet is divided into three layers 1.Surface web 2. deep web 3. dark web.The surface web is that portion on which we acces all things like google ,facebook,twitter and other social media applications.The surface web is only 10% of whole internet it means the normal people only access 10% of the internet other 90% are hidden.The deep web and dark web contains 90% internet.The normal browser have not the capability to acces deep web and dark web .To access deep and dark web we use TOR browser(The onion router browser).The deep web and dark web is very dangerous all the illegal activities are done through deep and dark web.Normal people should avoid to access deep and dark web .Deep and dark web are mostly accessed by hackers.

2. What is the whole process behind the searching any website like “”?

The first term is https,the http is a protocol which is hyper text transfer protocol.This is a protocol which is used to send request what we want to search, the server recieve the request and sents response to the browser .And in https ‘s’ indicate security that the website is secure.This security is provided by SSL(secure socket layer),which every webdeveloper purchase for security purpose.So when we search any link on browser the browser sent request to the server by the help of http protocol,the main work of server is to provide service and search the request to www and find out the content and response to the browser after that process we see the result of our web link to our browser as a result.

3.What is WWW?

WWW(world wide web) can be understand by an real life example,as a library contains different type of container in which books are stored on this way www is like a library which contains all the information and we access the information by the help of browser from www.

4.What is firewall?

Every computer has a firewall which protects the system from outside viruses and malwares,we can understand firewall by the help of example. The gatekeeper or guard which sit on the outside of the home looks and indentify each person who wants to enter in the home and only indentify person are allow to enter in the home ,on this way firewall works in the computer system it looks all the data packets and protect the system from entering unauthorised user. But there are so many viruses that the firewall did not detect this is called firewall bipassing.These viruses are not simple virus they are high level of virus.